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a magical place where haute couture and fairy dust are combined

to bring you the most exclusive designs suitable for any occasion in the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy dresses and shoes are made from natural materials
collected by hand in the wilds of Northeast Portland.

Friday, December 9, 2011

fabulous fairy footwear

I just listed these two
Fairy Shoe ornaments in the Etsy Shop.
 Fairy Shoe Ornament No. 9
Felicia is a Flower Fairy who hails from New York City.
Her slippers are made of pink autumn cauliflower leaves, 
with criss-crossed straps of Gerbera Daisy petals.
click here to see the listing

~ S O L D ~

Fairy Shoe Ornament No. 10
These shoes belong to Lisiantha, 
a sweet little Island Flower Fairy from Oahu.
They're made from white hibiscus petals with straps
 of wild leopard- spotted rhododendron blossom.
click here to see the listing in the shop

~ S O L D ~

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