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Welcome to the Fairy Atelier...

a magical place where haute couture and fairy dust are combined

to bring you the most exclusive designs suitable for any occasion in the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy dresses and shoes are made from natural materials
collected by hand in the wilds of Northeast Portland.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter boots!

These boots were made specially for Roiben, a Fairy Prince from the rugged Pacific Northwest Kingdom of Cascadia. Prince Roiben is also Cascadia's official gamekeeper, protecting Her Majesty's raccoons, badgers, squirrels, mountain goats, antelope and other fauna from the camouflage-wearing humans 
who roam their kingdom with weapons. 
Roiben's boots are just 1.5" tall and are made from softly faded autumn ginkgo leaves, with decorative buttons of miniature clematis seeds. The soles bear the logo "Roots", an exclusive Fairy shoe brand. They are displayed on a nest of soft green, native lichen and accented with a dried poppy pod on a terra-cotta saucer and sealed under a blown-glassdome with a eucalyptus button finial.

To read more about these boots, click here to go to the shop.

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