there's magic afoot!

Welcome to the Fairy Atelier...

a magical place where haute couture and fairy dust are combined

to bring you the most exclusive designs suitable for any occasion in the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy dresses and shoes are made from natural materials
collected by hand in the wilds of Northeast Portland.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Skylark Meadowsweet appeared at the studio door one day, fluttering over the snapdragons blooming just outside the door. "Yoohoo!", she trilled in her melodious little Fairy soprano, "I wonder if you might consider making me a new pair of slippers. I must have some glorious footwear to match my gown for the Midsummer Ball!"

When a Fairy makes a request, we humans always feel compelled to do their bidding for some reason. So I made her this pair of sweet little slippers from pale pink rose petals, ornamented with tiny heather flower buttons.

Now that the Ball's over, she's brought them back to the Atelier to sell on consignment…and you can purchase them in the shop: The Fairy Atelier.

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